Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching

There are many reasons why a person might seek out a personal coach. Are you trying to achieve your full potential, either personally or professionally? Are you trying to find the inspiration to move forward, from ideas into action? Are you looking to make positive, intentional changes so that you can live a balanced and fulfilled life?

A professional life coach can work with you to help you achieve your life goals. The process starts with an alliance between you and your coach. Coaching assumes you are the expert on you and helps you to live authentically – remaining true to your values while pursuing what matters most to you.

People who may benefit most from individual coaching are those experiencing:

  • Career choices and changes
  • College and post-graduate choices and changes
  • Life transitions such as “empty nest,” divorce, and retirement
  • Challenges in work/life balance
  • Health issues such as weight control and stress reduction

As your life coach, Annie will work with you to:

  • Identify your passions, strengths and needs
  • Identify your personal and professional goals
  • Develop a plan of action to leverage your strengths and achieve your goals
  • Implement your plan
  • Build accountability for results into your coaching plan

Relationship Coaching

Why invest in Relationship Coaching?

  • Make your relationship a source of happiness and growth
  • Improve communication with your partner
  • Enhance your conflict resolution skills
  • Help you both get more of what you need in your relationship
  • Rediscover the passion in your relationship
  • Bring you and your partner closer together

As your relationship coach, Annie will work with you to:

  • Create a shared vision for your relationship
  • Identify goals, strengths and needs, individually and as a couple
  • Create a customized plan of action to achieve your goals
  • Develop healthier means of communication
  • Engage in desired patterns of interaction
  • Build mutual accountability to reach your vision